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DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro – Ultimate Package

DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro – Ultimate Package

What is the Neck Pain Pro?

Whether you’re experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain, pain from poor posture, pain from a recent injury, or just simply looking for a way to relieve neck and shoulder muscles at home, check out DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro! Specially designed for use on the neck and shoulders, the Neck Pain Pro can help temporarily relieve chronic, intractable pain associated with conditions like arthritis, increase local circulation and stimulate and massage sore, aching muscles. Powered by DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System, the Neck Pain Pro uses TENS, EMS Therapy and DR-HO’S proprietary AMP stimulation to relieve pain. It’s the combination of these three pain relief technologies that set DR-HO’S TENS machines apart from other TENS devices.



What Are The Key Features Of The Neck Pain Pro?

  • TENS stimulates nerves to help reduce pain signals sent to the brain.

  • Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP) provides a soothing variety of stimulations to prevent treatment adaptation.

  • Additional body pads allow you to use TENS on other painful areas.

  • EMS causes muscles to contract and relax to increase local circulation and reduce soreness.

  • Smart electrodes deliver more targeted stimulation.

  • Offers distinct massaging techniques: deep kneading, chopping, rubbing and more!