DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System Pro – Ultimate

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What is the Pain Therapy System Pro?

Personalize your pain management like never before! Designed to help relieve pain in less than 20 minutes, the Pain Therapy System Pro is a dual port TENS device that offers 24 massage techniques. The Pain Therapy System Pro is a class above other comparable devices because it combines TENS, EMS and our proprietary Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP) Technology to provide fast, effective pain relief when and where you need it. Unlike other TENS devices that typically provide one type of stimulation, AMP technology delivers constantly-changing stimulation that prevents the body from adapting to the treatment.

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What Are The Key Features Of The Pain Therapy System Pro?

  • Dual Ports For Individual Treatments.


  • Stimulates nerves to help temporarily relieve pain, including chronic, intractable pain and pain from arthritis.


  • Fully Rechargeable, No Batteries Required.


  • AMP Delivers 300+ Types of Stimulation.


  • Stimulates muscles to increase local circulation and improve muscle performance.


  • 6 Different Modes & 10+ Intensity Levels.


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