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Actimove Episport Elbow Brace

Actimove Episport Elbow Brace

Anatomically shaped epicondylitis brace.

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Actimove EpiSport reduces the discomfort and pain caused by acute and chronic epicondylitis. The anatomically shaped clasp and non-slip, soft liner align to the neutral shape of the elbow to ensure an optimal fit whilst the elastic Velcros strap allows for individual therapeutic compression levels to provide comfort during sport and everyday activities.

* Acute and chronic epicondylitis radialis humeri (Tennis elbow)
* Acute and chronic epicondylitis ulnaris (Golfer’s elbow)
* Problems caused by repetitive use of the wrist and forearm

Product benefits and design features:
* Anatomically shaped brace design
* Provides targeted, dual compression for quick pain relief so patients can quickly resume and enjoy their favourite sports
* Comfortably aligns to the natural shape of the elbow
* Sleek anatomical design allows comfortable, natural movement
* Non-slip, soft cushioning liner ensures an optimal fit
* Provides comfort during sport and everyday activities
* Easily cleaned by hand or gentle machine wash
* Elastic Velcro strap and buckle closure: Easy application, allows individual therapeutic compression, fits comfortably without restricting circulation

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XL – Forearm circumference: 30 – 34cm (12 – 13.5inch), L – Forearm circumference: 28 – 30cm (11 – 12inch), M – Forearm circumference: 25 – 28cm (10 – 11inch), S – Forearm circumference: 23 – 25cm (9 – 10inch), XS – Forearm circumference: 20 – 23cm (8 – 9inch)