March 2, 2022

12:00pm to 1:00pm ET

MS Teams Webinar


A Complete Guide to Rollator Walkers:

Assessment, Prescription, and Gait Patterning

Course Overview:

The use of a rollator walker is critical to prevent falls, offload weight from a restricted limb, or to increase safety with basic ambulation while improving the confidence of the client when walking.

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Sheila Buck B.Sc.(OT), Reg.(Ont.) Occupational Therapist Therapy NOW! Inc.

Sheila is an Occupational Therapist and owner of her Seating and Mobility Consulting company Therapy NOW in Ontario, Canada. Sheila has spoken extensively in Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and North America on Seating and Mobility concepts for the very young to the very old. Her audiences have included but are not limited to Physio and Occupational Therapists, nurses, doctors, case managers, DME vendors and manufacturers of seating and mobility products. Her extensive knowledge related to the provision of assistive technology for mobility is reflected in her book, “More Than 4 Wheels: Applying clinical practice to seating, mobility and assistive technology. (2017 3rd edition)”. This excellent clinical guide is currently being used as a learning tool around the world with over 1500 copies sold. Sheila is also a contributing author in the recently published “Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide”. Sheila is known for her dynamic sessions which are enhanced by demonstrations of practical suggestions, as well as her compassion for her clients and advancing her learning and skills to those she works with.


MARCH 2nd 2022 12pm – 1pm.


Live via MS Teams.


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