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Indoor / Outdoor Stair Lift


Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL)

Make your home or business friendly for people with mobility challenges with a Bruno vertical platform lift. People in scooters and wheelchairs will appreciate the vertical platform lift’s smooth, quiet ride as they travel from one level to another. Bruno wheelchair lifts offer access up to 10-feet.

Boost home access for people in mobility devices. Sometimes called a porch lift, a Bruno vertical platform lift gives people in scooters and wheelchairs the ability to easily enter/exit their home. 

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Bruno vertical platform lifts also provide access up to 10 feet for decks and basements. 

Straight Or Curved Stair Lift Chair Systems

A stairlift can give you your independence back and let you stay in your home giving loved one’s peace of mind knowing you are safe in your own home.

For straight simple staircases, we can install a straight stairlift on either side of the stairs. Whichever side works best for you. Most of the time a door at the top is no issue.

  • Curved Staircase

Is your staircase curved? Whether they take a turn or curve or go up multiple levels we can fit a stairlift to suit your needs.

Curved rails are made to measure. They’re manufactured to be the perfect fit for you and your home.  The measurements of your stairs are taken so that the rail we build fits to every bend as snugly as possible. That means more room for everyone else to use the stairs easily.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our knowledgeable staff have access to all the expert help you may require. We provide complete rental of medical equipment services. Rental items are available for short or longer term rental.


We’re helping people regain their independence by providing innovative and tailor-made solutions that enhance people’s mobility at home and in public.

A perfect blend of design and functionality, our stairlifts provide optimal mobility and accessibility while offering exceptional ergonomic requirements. From residential and public settings, our stairlifts deliver:

Home Install Service

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