Youth Forearm Crutches

Constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum tubing.


The youth forearm crutches – or "elbow crutches" – require generally more upper body strength than do standard underarm crutches. However, they are easier to use over the long term and promote better posture. While they require more co-ordination than underarm crutches they are ultimately more comfortable.

* Designed for long-term wear and for users with good upper body strength.
* Junior size, for heights 4’2" to 5’2".
* Sturdy 1" (2 cm) diameter shaft.
* Coated cuffs with 180° pivot allow free forearm movement.
* Moulded black vinyl hand grips on welded and coated steel handles.
* Easy single button adjustments.
* Legs and forearm cuffs adjust independently.
* 300 lb. weight limit and limited lifetime warranty.

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