Xtrasorb Super Absorbent Dressing

For heavily and extra-heavily exuding wounds.


For heavily and extra-heavily exuding wounds for those times when even a foam dressing is not capable of handling the level of fluid. The sachet-style dressing has a non-adherent contact layer to allow for atraumatic removal during dressing changes, and a strike-through protection layer on the outer facing side. Inside this sachet is a super-absorbent polymer fibre core. Once fluid enters the dressing and converts to a gel, very little can be released, even under compression. This makes the dressing ideal for use on leg ulcers, where compression bandages can be left in place for up to seven days, as well as on other wounds with copious wound fluid where minimizing dressing changes is a goal.

6" x 9" Non-Adhesive. Box 10.

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