Therall Arthritis Pain Relief Elbow Support

Provides light compression of the elbow and soothing relief of the muscles and surrounding tissues.



The Therall Joint Warming Elbow Support is an elastic elbow support that provides light compression for comfortable support.

The Therall Elbow Support contains unique ceramic fibres that retain heat and slowly reflect it back into the joint and surrounding tissues. The result is soothing relief and therapeutic heat penetrated deep into the aching elbow, muscles and surrounding tissues.

Features and Benefits:

* Relieves elbow pain associated with arthritis.
* Provides comfortable light compression.
* Four-way stretch for reduced swelling.
* Promotes healing by increasing circulation around the tender joint.
* Allows for faster return to daily activities.
* Retains heat for soothing warmth.

Size is determined by loosely measuring the circumference around the elbow.

Small: 7.5" – 9"
Medium: 9" – 10.25"
Large: 10.25" – 11.5"
XL: 11.5" – 12.75"

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