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Therall Arthritis Pain Relief Back Support

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Ideal for arthritis, lower back pain and discomfort, overuse or repetitive use injuries and muscle strains.

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The Therall Premium Arthritis Care Back Support is an elastic back support that provides light compression for comfortable support.

The Therall Back Support contains unique ceramic fibres that retain heat and slowly reflect it back into the lower back and surrounding tissues. The result is soothing relief and therapeutic heat penetrated deep into the aching back, muscles and surrounding tissues.

* Relieves back pain associated with arthritis.
* Provides comfortable support for the lower back.
* Contoured metal stays can be easily shaped for a customized fit.
* Overlapping elastic side pulls provide additional compression.
* Promotes healing by increasing circulation around the lower back.
* Allows for faster return to daily activities.

Sizing: The size of the brace is determined by loosely measuring the circumference of the lower back/upper hips.

Small: 22" – 33"
Medium: 32" – 42"
Large: 41" – 48"
XL: 47" – 54"

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