TENA Super Plus Incontinence Underwear for Women, Heavy Absorbency, Small/Medium, 18 count

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  • Anatomically Designed with extra protection where needed most to quickly lock in liquids and odor.
  • Super-absorbent polymers locks away moisture and odor for effective advanced leakage protection during the day and night.
  • Body-hugging fabric for a better fit and secure protection that stays in place.
  • Modern design and soft, tri-laminate material for maximum comfort and discretion to fit and feel like everyday underwear.

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TENA Women?s Super Plus incontinence underwear is specially designed for the needs of women for a body-close, comfortable fit. New soft, tri-laminate material looks and feels even more like real Underwear with Super Plus absorbency for moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection. The efficient, highly absorbent target zone with super absorbent polymers ensures protection where it?s needed most, while Advanced Odor Protection technology helps control odors. The comfortable waist band is soft and stretchable with cottony-soft material offering maximum comfort and discretion.

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