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TENA Comfort Pants

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To hold Day Regular, Day Plus or Night Super Pads securely in place.

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These washable reusable pants ensure that the TENA Pads stay securely in place. The soft, elastic edges and latex-free material guarantee comfort and can be washed several times without losing their shape. Suitable for both men and women.

Features and Benefits:
* Softease™ leg openings leave virtually no skin marks or redness around the thighs.
* Cross-elastic threads keep products securely in place, providing effective support for leakage security.
* Colour-coded waistband for easy identification and selection.

Waist Size:

Small/Medium – 51 – 94 cm (20-37")
Large/XL – 71-132 cm (28- 52")
2 XL/3 XL – 87-157 cm (38 – 62")

*Please note: TENA Comfort Pants replaced the TENA Reusable Mesh Pants.

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