Star Wheelchair Cushions – Clearance Prices

Star Wheelchair Cushions – Clearance Prices – FREE SHIPPING TO MOST AREAS IN CANADA.

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Galaxy Wheelchair Cushions: The Galaxy is a flame resistant neoprene cushion that combines multi-cellular air technology with a patented, contouring design, fitting the anatomical form. These detailed, contouring features, offer several benefits to aid in the patients’ stability and posture, while greatly enhancing a true therapeutic advantage. A well engineered system, uniquely designed to capture the needs and requirements of the end user!

Starlock Cushions: Variable air flow control provides versatility when addressing hard to fit clients. The StarLock cushion can perform as a single valve cushion offering you the highest level of skin protection, and can provide locking of each cell to provide for high end positioning and stability.

The mid-contour cushions are recommended for individuals who require a cell height that provides a high level of tissue protection and treatment while offering greater ease in transfers in and out of the cushion.