Ryno Lacer Wrist Brace

Ryno Lacer Wrist Brace

Pull tab lacing closure provides easy application and comfort.


The Ryno Lacer provides superior immobilization of the CMC and MP joints of the thumb, yet it permits limited motion of the IP joint to allow for contact with the opposing fingers. The Ryno Lacer offers the support you need and the comfort you demand.

Lace closure design allows for easy application.

Radial, palmer and dorsal stays restrain wrist and thumb motion. Aluminum stays may be bent to the desired degree of flexion or extension of the wrist and abduction or adduction of the thumb.

Polypropylene liner and perforated suede allow moisture to evapourate away from the skin.

The anatomically contoured design and the adjustable thumb strap provide a comfortable fit and allow unrestricted motion of the fingers.


* DeQuervain’s Tendonitis
* Gamekeeper’s Thumb
* Post Cast Healing
* Selected Scaphoid Injuries

Sizing: Measure the wrist circumference.

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