RoMedic TurnSheet Patient Positioner with Mattress Cover

Suitable for turning and repositioning user in all directions easily to alleviate pain or discomfort – SHIPPING FREE TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.


Being confined to a lying position for a long period is a strain on the body and soul. It gets even worse if pressure sores develop. With the help of a frequent turning schedule and TurnSheet (150 x 210), life becomes much easier both for the user and for the caregiver.

TurnSheet (150 x 210) is developed for heavier users, users with severely reduced functional abilities and users at risk for pressure sores who need assistance with turning in bed.

TurnSheet covers the head, shoulders and hips, but not the feet, thereby allowing the user to get a good grip with the feet to facilitate changing of position.

TurnSheet is made of microfiber and ULF (Ultra Low Friction) material with a thin padding of polyester.

TurnSheet lies on top of Mattress cover (item number 1583) with smooth, low friction material in the centre and rough anti-slip surfaces at the sides. This minimizes the risk of the user sliding out of bed. The mattress cover features two slide panels which can be removed/folded away to reveal a surface of high friction material. The slide panels enable improved positioning of the user in bed. For example, the slide panel under the hips can be removed/folded away to prevent the user from sliding down when attempting to sit up in bed.

* A thin padding facilitates turning on special pressure-relieving mattresses.
* The ULF sliding material in the centre of the mattress cover makes it very easy to shift position.
* The mattress cover has anti-slip, high friction material at the sides for improved safety.
* The mattress cover features two slide panels which can be folded away as the situation requires. This gives you the option to choose between low or high friction surface under the entire or part of the user’s body.
* Velcro strips secure the mattress cover to the mattress and fit various mattress types and sizes.

Mattress cover: Can be used alone with draw sheet. Has three pull-away low friction panels to expose high friction panels to stop.

210 x 150 cm