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Pediatric or Neonatal Professional Quality Dual Head Stethoscope

Provides health practitioners with the flexibility to quickly switch from diaphragm to bell in order to clearly distinguish high and low frequencies.



Choose infant or neonatal from the drop-down menu.

The Pediatric Stethoscope is designed to fit the individual needs of the practitioner and patient. The stethoscope has a small double head chestpiece for children and infants. The lightweight chestpiece has a special soft flat membrane, 36mm in diameter, with non-chill rings.

This Neonatal Stethoscope with double head chestpiece is designed for infants and newborns. It has improved acoustics for all frequency ranges. The strong tubing blocks extraneous noises. Made with high quality ear tips.

Black Tubing. Stainless Steel Chestpiece.