Patellavator Knee Strap

Does not irritate popliteal since material stretches and breathes.



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The Patellavatar knee orthosis has a unique design that applies pressure to the patellar tendon without creating a tourniquet around the leg or irritating the popliteal. The Patellavatar knee orthosis is able to achieve this remarkable objective by having an interlocking base strap made from Coolflex material, which is very comfortable and flexes with the knee. The pressure on the patellar tendon is applied when the external laces are pulled which force the padded rope core onto the patellar tendon. Another surprising characteristic of the Patellavatar knee orthosis is that all of this technology is incorporated into a very low profile design.

* Padded rope core with external laces
* Coolflex material
* Interlocking closure
* Low Profile design

Beneficial in treating the following diseases or injuries:
* Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee)
* Osgood Schlatter’s Disease
* Chondromlalacia of the Patella

* Applies pressure to patellar tendon
* Does not irritate popliteal since material stretches and breathes
* Extremely secure and very comfortable
* Does not irritate opposite leg. Fits easily inside pant leg or uniform

Sizing: Measure knee circumference
just below patella (knee cap).

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