Ossur Gameday Ankle Brace with Stays

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Support and compression that mimics athletic taping.

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    Whether for post-injury support or prophylactic use, the GameDay Ankle Brace is equipped for the task. Figure-8 strapping provides inversion/eversion support and compression that mimics athletic taping. However, unlike athletic taping, the GameDay can be quickly and easily adjusted without shoe removal.

    Indications for Use:

    * Mild to moderate ankle sprains and strains (Grade I and II)
    * Chronic ankle instability
    * Prophylactic use

    Product Highlights:

    * Durable ballistic nylon shell with inner non-slip coating adds support by reducing slippage
    * Circumferential elastic cuff contains laces and provides support/stability, compression and pain relief
    * Application is simple and can be performed by athletes
    * Low profile design fits easily into most athletic shoes

    * Measure ankle circumference diagonally over the base of the heel and across the ankle bone.

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