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Medihoney Honey Apinate Dressing

Kick start the healing process with Medihoney

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MEDIHONEY™- with Active Leptospermum Honey – is the global leading brand in honey-based wound and burn care.

From wound bed preparation through to wound closure, randomized controlled clinical trials have shown that MEDIHONEY™ dressings promote an optimal wound environment and are effective on wounds that have not progressed with conventional treatment. So, before deploying an extensive arsenal of dressings and devices, look to MEDIHONEY™ as an effective and
easy-to-use first-line of defense for chronic wounds.

New MEDIHONEY™ dressings come in several formulations for managing a wide variety of lightly to heavily exudating wounds.

* Diabetic foot ulcers

* Venous stasis leg ulcers
* Arterial leg ulcers

* Leg ulcers of mixed etiology
* Pressure ulcers (IHV)

* 1st and 2nd degree burns
* Donor sites

* Traumatic and surgical wounds