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Ki Mobility – Axiom S

Ki Mobility – Axiom S

Immerse yourself.
A Skin Protection cushion offering the Axiom Difference design elements with an emphasis on immersion and envelopment, Axiom S is a great entry level skin protection cushion.


Increased Immersion and Envelopment
With a special emphasis on the area that distributes pressure around the tissues that support the bony prominences. Deeper hexagonal shapes allow for increased immersion with better envelopment.

Surface Tension Reduction
The unique hexagonal foam shapes in the well reduce surface tension and increase envelopment around the ischia and coccyx. By only using one pleated cover, surface tension is reduced, providing better immersion into the well.

Pre-Contoured Shape
Cooperating with Georgia Tech to study anthropometrics, Axiom G has a properly designed pre-contoured shape. The mild contoured well supports the trochanters, transitioning the femurs and enveloping the ischial tuberosities and coccyx for support and stability.

High-Quality Material
The base of Axiom S is constructed with high-IFD polyurethane foam. The cover is constructed with a 4-way stretch, water-resistant, pleated top layer with a skid-resistant bottom panel, and high denier side panels. All elements of the material lead to a long-lasting, comfortable and functional product.

Feature Rich Cover
Axiom S has an innovative cover that is aesthetically pleasing with functional benefits for both the client and the caregiver. A water resistant zipper and loop zipper pull make it simple to install and remove the cover while protecting the foam. There is an easy-to-reach front handle with utility loops for hanging accessories.

Width 14″ – 22″
Depth 14″ – 22″
  Height (Leg Troughs)
Height (Leg Troughs) 2.25″
  Height (Overall)
Height (Overall) 3″
Weight 2.2 lbs
  Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity 350 lbs
HCPCS E2603/4