Hypafix Transparent

Use to cover wound dressing for bathing or swimming or use to affix catheters and more.



Adhesive fixation needs to provide reliable adhesion, be simple to use, comfortable to wear and above all, protect the primary wound dressing. Available on a roll, Hypafix Transparent is a non-sterile film which protects dressings from contamination whilst allowing the skin to breathe. Patients can bathe or even go swimming with Hypafix Transparent securely covering their wound dressings.

Product Benefits

Patient Comfort

* Thin, semi-permeable film
* Conformable, adapting to body contours like a second skin
* Allows the skin to breathe reducing the risk of maceration
* Transparent, allowing visual inspection of the wound

Reliable Fixation

* Makes the dressing very durable
* Latex-free adhesive reduces the risk of skin allergies


* Allows unrestricted showering and bathing
* Bacterial and viral barrier

Indications for Use

* Waterproof wide-area fixation of wound dressings, even on joints and extremities
* Fixation of instruments, probes and catheters
* Hygienic fixation of ointment dressings
* Skin protection