Epi Forsa Plus Elbow Support

Provides controlled pressure on the lower arm muscles.



Stable Epicondylitis Orthosis – Helps reduce pain. Skin-friendly material. Comfortable. Provides controlled pressure on the lower arm muscles. Your doctor has diagnosed you with epicondylitis. Epicondylitis is a common inflammatory condition where tendons attach to the muscles of the elbow. Epicondylitis – also known as tennis elbow or golfer elbow – results in pain in the elbow area which may radiate to the hand. When you rotate the arm or pick up an object, the pain increases.

Pain Relief: Wearing the Epi Forsa Plus helps reduce pain, letting you be more active in your daily life. The orthosis applies pinpoint, adjustable pressure on the forearm muscles to noticeably relieve elbow pain. The seamless design and comfortable material make the Epi Forsa Plus a pleasure to wear. We recommend that you wear the orthosis for sports or repetitive physical activities even after you have healed and no longer have any pain. This is because inflammation occurs when the muscles are strained by repetitive activities from working with a jackhammer or typing. In addition, many sports including tennis and golf can also aggravate this condition. Wearing your Epi Forsa Plus can help prevent recurring inflammation. Indications: Epicondylitis humeri radialis (tennis elbow) Epicondylitis humeri ulnaris (golfer elbow)

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