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Coloplast SenSura Click Ostomy Barriers

Coloplast SenSura Click Ostomy Barriers

Security and protection from a double layer adhesive.

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SenSura is optimized on all the five parameters required in an adhesive:
– absorption
– tack and adhesion
– flexibility
– erosion resistance
– ease of removal
It is therefore suitable for most people with an ostomy.

Double-layer technology –
SenSura has a double-layer technology. A darker skin friendly contact layer and a lighter strong protection layer.

Protection layer –
The strong protection layer protects the skin from leakages and prevents the adhesive from eroding away from contact with stoma output.

Skin friendly layer –
The layer in contact with the skin absorbs sweat and moisture. This helps to keep the skin dry and healthy and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

Flex patterns –
Flex patterns makes the adhesive more flexible. Giving greater wearing comfort, as it conforms to your body.

Tack and adhesion –
The standard adhesive has a good tack and strong adhesion to the skin, providing security and confidence. As the adhesive absorbs moisture, it will swell and seal around the stoma offering further protection.

Removal ear –
It is easy and painless to remove the adhesive from the skin. The adhesive is also formulated so that residues are not left behind when it is removed.

SenSura adhesives are available in both flat and Convex Light versions.
The SenSura adhesive is available with SenSura 1-piece, SenSura Click and SenSura Flex appliances in a variety of sizes and come with different features.

10013 – Coupling size 40mm, Pre-cut 20-35 mm
10021 – Coupling size 50 mm, Custom Cut 35-45 mm
10031 – Coupling size 50mm, Custom Cut 10-55 mm
10022 – Coupling size 50mm, Pre-cut 30 mm
10032 – Coupling size 60mm, Pre-cut 40mm
10041 – Coupling size 70mm, Custom Cut 10-65 mm
11012 – Coupling size 40mm, Pre-cut 21 mm
11011 – Coupling size 40mm, Custom Cut 15-23 mm
11023 – Coupling size 50 mm, Pre-cut 28 mm
10011 – Coupling size 40mm, Custom cut 10-35 mm
10012 – Coupling size 40mm, Pre-cut 20 mm
10023 – Coupling size 50mm, Pre-cut 35 mm
11022 – Coupling size 50mm, Pre-cut 25 mm
11024 – Coupling size 50mm, Pre-cut 31mm
11032 – Coupling size 60 mm, Pre-cut 35 mm
11041 – Coupling size 70 mm, Custom Cut 15-53 mm

5 per box.

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11032, 11041, 11011, 11023, 10011, 10012, 10023, 11022, 11024, 11031, 11012, 110211, 10013, 10021, 10031, 10022, 10032, 10041, 11012