Broda 30VT Standard Semi Recliner Tilt Chair

Provides exceptional comfort and repositioning for individuals requiring long term care – SHIPPING FREE TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.



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BRODA’s 30VT is a semi tilt and recline chair that provides exceptional comfort and repositioning for individuals requiring long term care. BRODA’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and air flow for increased sitting comfort and support.

Featuring up to 25 degrees of infinitely adjustable seat tilt and up to 45 degrees of infinitely adjustable back recline, the 30VT provides safe and comfortable positioning without the use of restraints. Our front pivot seat tilt helps maintain patient’s line of vision while tilted, to allow for socializing, helping to improve quality of life.

Offering exceptional benefits for both patients and caregivers, the Midline is ideal for:

* Improved posture, breathing , feeding, and overall comfort.
* Fall prevention and Safe patient handling

Recommended for:
* Individuals requiring Low to Moderate levels of nursing care.
* General resident seating within a facility.
* Taller individuals with mobility.
* Knee Contractures (with the addition of our Contracture Sling).

Standard Features:
* 16", 18" or 20" Seat Width
* 17" or 18.5" Seat Depth
* 32" Back Height
* 19.5", 20.5" or 21.5" Seat Height
* Height adjustable arms with set screws
* Removable wings
* 25 degree infinitely adjustable seat tilt
* 45 degree infinitely adjustable back recline
* Legrest: length adjustable, elevating
* Single flip-down footrest
* 2×5" total lock front casters
* 1 x Total-Lock Rear Caster & 1 x 5" Directional Lock Rear Caster
* Standard Padding Package: Neckrest, Shoulder Bolsters with Wings, Sole Pad, Lower Side Pad
* Comfort Tension Seating

An additional $75 will be added to residential shipments.

Made in Canada.